Lesson 3: Why is it important to nurture your client’s email database?

In this lesson, you’re going to learn why you should be focusing on building up an email list as a priority and how it is actually the biggest asset that you’re going to have as a business or personal brand.

So you can see we have an email list here and essentially this is a list of emails for existing or potential customers. We had sent an emailer to a database of approximately 5k people. Out of which these are the ones that have subscribed to our emailers. Which means they have given us permission to send them emailers in future. This is crucial to understand while doing Email Marketing. It is very important to have consent of people to whom you send emailers as this will reduce your chance of email bounce, spam emails, blacklisting and unsubscribing.

Well, the next time when we have to send an emailer, our priority would be this list as we know these are ones who have signed up to receive emailers. We can notify them every time we send out an emailer as we understand that they are interested buyers.

And it’s not just us who say that building an email list is important. Neil Patel, a well-known marketer, in his very famous article ‘Seven experts on why building an email list is so important’ says out of all the channels I’ve tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them. Not only does that have the highest conversion rate, but as you build up your list, you can continually monetize by pitching multiple products, etc.

Facebook vs Email Marketing – One good reason why you want to build up an email list as essentially as an insurance policy is because on Facebook there is so much content being submitted that Facebook has to filter content. And so Facebook is only going to show the most highly engaged content in someone’s news feed.

So even if you build up an audience on Facebook, you make a post. Not everybody is going to see your posts because Facebook has to filter out and it’s just too much content. They have to protect the experience of the user. But not so with an email.

When you send an email, it’s going to hit the inbox of everybody on your list. Whether they open it or not, they’re going to see it.

On platforms like Facebook, your potential clients might not even be aware that you’ve created a post. So in terms of visibility as well, just the email list triumphs all of the other platforms because they have to filter down and contact. So if your content is not getting a lot of engagement, your followers are not going to see it. And that’s why email is so, so valuable.

Even if you don’t plan on sending a lot of emails, it’s just a great insurance policy to have an email list built up that you fully control and that you can use to send emails and reach your customers directly.

So hopefully that convinces you why building up an email list is so important. It’s going to be the biggest asset you have. You can use it to sell multiple products, drive traffic to blog posts, drive traffic to YouTube videos, get responses to market research, surveys etc. It’s key to really growing your business.