Lesson 3: Free Version vs Paid Version

Wondering about the differences between Canva Free vs Canva Paid? In this lesson, we will break down the key differences you can decide whether or not it’s worth upgrading. You can use Canva for making banners on your website, cover photos on social media, Brochures, Flyers, Presentations and much more. And a lot of it can be done with the free version. But let us see the primary difference between Free and Paid :

Transparent background – One of the basic function is the ability to save your image with a transparent background. When you design something on Canva and when you try to save it, you will see a white background if you are using a Free Version of Canva. If you have Canva Pro which is the paid version, you have the option to save the image with a transparent background.

Compress Images – Another feature that is available in Canva Pro is that when you are working on a website and you want to upload some images which is not very heavy size then you can actually click on Compress File and reduce the size of the image. Heavier images take time to load and hampers the user experience so it is important to keep your image size less heavy.

Resize – One click resize is another awesome feature in Canva Pro and it is not available in Free Version. It allows you to resize your current design in different dimension without having you to redesign it again. While in Free version of Canva, if you end up designing something and then you decide to change the size you will have to redesign the whole thing again.

Well, these are some of the differences between Canva Free and Canva Pro. But its up to your requirements whether you want to buy canva or use the free version. Either ways, Canva is a life saver !