Lesson 1: How to Write Email Subject Lines that Get Opened

A very well-known marketer once asked – “after you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?” For him, he checks his emails. We’d have to agree to that. We all check our emails first thing in the morning. We definitely read all email subject lines, even if we don’t open them.

In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to write better email subject lines, and we want to show you a really cool trick that you can use right away to really find out how to write subject lines that get opened. This is the critical part. So first things first, check your own email account. You would have received a lot of emails that you have signed up to. Look down through this list of emails and check the ones you haven’t opened at all. You will observe certain emails here that you have opened and these are the ones that you really want to focus on.

If you’ve opened the emails, then obviously that was the subject line that got you attracted to open that email. And so you can just take these subject lines or model them and use them for yourself and you’re going to have a very good chance of those getting opened.

So essentially, you’re looking at what is working and then you’re just applying it to yourself. That’s a lot easier than talking about the 10 things you need to do, because, look, this is proven.

Most importantly, also look at the emails that you haven’t opened because that proves that there is no chance of you clicking through their website or buying their product. Hence reading the email subject line is something you should spend a lot of time thinking about, because if they don’t open your email, then everything you’ve done after that is just wasted. So that is why observing your own emails, seeing what you’ve opened is just one of the best ways to see what works. And if you’re working in a company, there’s going to be a pretty cool way to just sit everybody down, do this exercise, say, hey, guys, open your inbox, let me see the emails that you’ve opened so you could take some of those headlines and use them for yourself.

Hope you enjoy that tip. Go ahead and use it right now to write better subject lines.