[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]TravelGyaan specializes in E-Learning’s that enable the travel agents to engage and gather information. E-Learning has proved to be one of the best means for audiences to acquire important skills. The human brain can grasp and relate to what is seen and heard via pictures or videos.

What is an E-Learning course?

E-Learning is very similar to offline trainings, but it is in the form of visual reading material. It refers to a course, program or type of a degree delivered completely online. E-learning courses offers multiple options to the users like audio and video recordings, quiz, surveys, presentations, competitions and much more. It brings learning opportunities about a new destination or product in a more fun way. E-Learning’s has the power to make learning more accessible and easy for users around the world with just a Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or computer and is a successful method of educating users globally. With the necessary courses available online, the users can access this E-Learning course basically whenever they want to wherever they are located and at any given time.

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  • Easy to read modules to gain insightful knowledge.
  • Tests after every modules to test the knowledge of the person taking the course.
  • Instant certification on completing the modules along with successfully passing the test.
  • Different resources and important links to access for the agents.
  • Submitting itinerary option for different destinations.

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E-Learning save time, money, materials and resources by keeping everything online. And it because it is so accessible large number of people can participate at one go and learn more about the course. With the technology expanding day by day amongst the people, E-Learning training will reach wider audiences and impact more learners as it is very flexible.

The user can start learning the one module today (mobile phone while going home after work) and resume it the next day (laptop at office or home) making it easier to fit learning into their busy lives.

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Why choose E-Learnings?

By providing the right information, E-Learning could be a key tool to increase your sales. The courses we offer deliver value to the users rather than vast information through search engines. This boosts the confidence of the travel agents about the necessary destination or product and makes it easier for them to sell it to their clients. The trainings have the ability to reach to a large number of audience by creating destination or brand awareness.